Your First Zoom Meeting

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You might be hundreds or even thousands of miles from us when we need to meet – or you might just be so busy that stopping by our office isn’t an option. Either way, we can have a meeting with Zoom that still gets us face to face, despite the miles. If you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s an easy platform.

Please be advised Raymond James has an enterprise-level contract with Zoom, allowing us to enable more security features for users than a free or public Zoom account.  In addition to the security features enabled when using an enterprise Zoom account, we have also applied the following measures to further protect your information when joining a Zoom call with the team:

  • A custom meeting URL to host meetings
  • Custom meeting IDs for each Zoom call
  • Password-protected access to meetings
  • Vigilant meeting monitoring with the ability to remove any unwanted participants with the click of a button

This 1-minute video shows you everything you need to know to get started. We’re looking forward to “seeing” you in your next virtual meeting!