What’s Next for the Economy? Q3 Trends & Updates

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Record-high market closes. Continuing COVID-19 concerns. Surging consumer demand. As we cross the midpoint of 2021, several factors continue to spur – and at times spook – investors. For clients like you, it can be hard to separate news from “noise.” That’s why our wealth management team closely monitors events that could impact your portfolio.

In this Q3 webcast, Jon Wax, CFP® will add context to recent headlines covering three areas of concern:


* Did experts “hit” or “miss” their spending predictions?

* Are consumers “bullish” or “bearish” on personal finances?

* Plus: Results of a leading Consumer Sentiment Index


* Will the rapid recovery in Q1 and Q2 continue?

* Why consumer demand strains supply chains and labor markets

* Takeaways from two key PMIs (Purchase Managers Indices)


* Recapping the June CPI (Consumer Price Index)

* How supply and demand imbalances impact your pocketbook

* Will equities “grow” or “slow” in Q3 and beyond?

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