What’s Next for the Economy? Jon Wax’s Q2 Update

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Inflation concerns and Federal Reserve policies continue to top news headlines and fuel persistent market volatility. Looking at the big picture, there is a rhetorical question that we can ask. And that question is, will the consumer modify inflation, or will inflation modify the consumer? In today’s Q2 webcast I will tackle this question and these three areas to pay attention to:


* The wealth effect

* Will things need to be done to control inflation and do those things result in a recession

* Inflation’s impact on consumer spending


* Where we are in the economic cycle

* What fundamental analysts are projecting


* What investments to focus on in times of volatility

* Importance of diversification

In these uncertain times, you can rely on us to monitor events closely. We know that volatility can be unnerving but sticking to a financial plan has historically worked in favor of long-term investors, which is why we remain focused on helping you make progress toward your future goals. We are always here for you…and if you know anyone who could benefit from our wealth management experience, please feel free to share this webcast with them.

Thank you for your continued trust in us.