What’s Ahead in 2022? Inflation, Rate Hikes & The Markets

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Remember the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”? Investors may find that strategy useful as inflation and Federal Reserve policies could fuel persistent market volatility. To help you prepare for what’s ahead, today’s Q1 webcast tackles three key areas of concern:


* Inflation hits a 40-year high – will it keep climbing?

* How interest hikes affect inflation and economic growth

* When are interest rates expected to rise?


* Why Fed policy + inflation = market uncertainty

* Updates on COVID, inventory bottlenecks and investor perceptions

* Plus: One critical factor in our equity forecast


* The latest job growth and labor statistics

* Inflation’s impact on consumer spending

* Our current market outlook for 2022

In these uncertain times, you can rely on us to monitor events closely. But if you have any concerns or questions, give us a call. We are always here for you…and if you know anyone who could benefit from our wealth management experience, please feel free to share this webcast with them.

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