Life events often signal a need for financial planning and guidance. Events like marriage, the birth of a child, planning to go to college, or purchasing a home are all very positive examples of events that might require planning. Alternatively, the death of a loved one, receiving an inheritance, divorce, unforeseen disabilities, and making critical business decisions also require you to evaluate your current situation and goals.

These are all areas where you should seek direction from a wealth management professional who can address your specific planning needs.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning allows you to manage and preserve your assets while you are alive, and to conserve and control their distribution after your death according to your goals and objectives. Many factors play a role in determining what your specific estate planning needs are, such as your age, health, wealth, lifestyle, life stage, and goals. Through coordination with your estate planning attorney, the Waller & Wax team will help guide you through the estate planning process and create a master plan to ensure your needs are addressed.

Business Transition

As a small business owner, you may worry that with a succession plan you could lose control over the successful business you have built. This is not the case. Having a well thought-out and actionable transition plan can protect you, your clients, your employees, and your business value. A clear understanding of your current and future financial position is equally important when considering a business ownership transition. We bring our understanding of your financial picture as well as your goals, plans and lifestyle needs to ensure you are well positioned for making the transition at hand. The Waller & Wax team can help you conduct an analysis regarding the specifics of the business transition execution and how it ties to your overall financial plan.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer helps identify and facilitate the most tax-efficient method for passing assets to succeeding generations. Our team’s wealth transfer services allow you to smoothly transition and distribute wealth, creating a legacy that meets your wishes.

Divorce Financial Planning

Even mediated and collaborative divorces can throw solid financial plans into disarray. The consequences of decisions made during the process can last for years. Divorce can result in new financial responsibilities and possibly a suddenly increased or reduced net worth and portfolio value. How you respond to the new responsibilities will determine the lifestyle you will live.

Waller & Wax developed a comprehensive guide to help spouses-in-transition navigate finances during and after a divorce as well as obtain the insights and information necessary to help achieve future financial goals. The Waller & Wax guide includes detailed wealth management advice that is sensitive to your values and needs as you embark on this next phase in life.

Sudden Wealth

The velocity of modern life can bring sudden financial opportunities and responsibilities for which you might not be fully prepared. Handling windfalls from estates, business transactions, legal settlements and other life events requires careful planning to preserve and potentially grow your newfound wealth. A strategy to help manage and preserve the wealth and provide for its potential growth can mean the difference between a short-term windfall and the foundation for a more confident future. Waller & Wax Advisors has developed financial planning approaches tailored specifically to the challenges and opportunities created by sudden wealth to help ensure that it does not disappear as swiftly as it arrived.

College Planning

Every parent dreams of sending their child to college to further their education. With the rising costs associated with colleges these days, the reality is that this dream may leave you feeling overwhelmed. We have the expertise to help you evaluate the cost of college, construct savings strategies and allocate funds towards this important goal. Through access to nationwide resources of educational data, we are able to develop projections and incorporate college savings as part of your investment strategy.