Q2 Questions, Answers & Updates: Inflation Expectations, Interest Rates & Market Moves

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The U.S. economy is back in business, powered by a strong first-quarter start. Investors have been encouraged by the surge in vaccinations, solid corporate earnings, and the best economic growth since 2003. Warren Buffett was right when he said, “Never bet against America,” even in the wake of a global pandemic.

Yet from taxes to government spending, increased volatility could be on the horizon. In this Q2 webcast, Jon Wax, CFP® will cover three areas of concern:


* The two key factors that drive inflation

* Do large federal budgets = higher inflation? (The answer may surprise you)

* The Federal Reserve’s moves to mitigate inflation threats


* Why low rates are “cheaper” for borrowers, but “costly” for savers

* When are near-zero rates expected to rise?

* Strategies to ride out low rates (especially if you’re in or nearing retirement)


* The latest “Bullish” & “Bearish” market factors

* Prudent advice for sustainable recovery and growth

* Plus: My “cocktail napkin wisdom” about investing

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