The wealth advisors at Waller & Wax will provide you with an investment strategy that is aligned with your goals, your tolerance for risk, and our outlook for the financial markets.  We maintain a long-term perspective to help ensure your investments are maximized over time and planned for well into the future. We will regularly analyze and review the portfolio performance with you as well as how your changing financial situation and goals may lead to potential changes in your investment strategy.

Our investing process centers around five steps:

Step 1

Assess your goals and circumstances. The investment plan process begins during a Discovery Meeting with a discussion of your financial values and goals, as well as your key relationships, existing assets, other professional advisors, preferred process and important interests.

Step 2

Set long-term investment objectives. Taking into account the long-term nature of successful investing, we set objectives for your portfolio that are appropriate for your willingness, ability and need to take risk, and the investment horizon(s) you identify.

Step 3

Plan your asset allocation. Because it is so important, asset allocation is the first investment decision. During this process, we decide how much of your portfolio to invest in each of the different investment types, or asset classes, including stocks, bonds and short-term investments, both domestic and foreign.

Step 4

Select your investment approach. With an asset allocation in place, we select the investment vehicles that you will use to implement your portfolio strategy. Two key investing principles guide these decisions: the importance of diversification and the value of remaining invested.

Step 5

Build your portfolio. Building on the first four steps, we construct a portfolio suited to your needs, goals, investment horizon and risk attitude. The building blocks for the portfolio are institutional asset class investments, an excellent way to implement a diversified portfolio investment strategy so as to help maximize the probability of achieving your goals.


Portfolio Review and Maintenance

Once your portfolio has been executed, it is imperative that it be monitored to ensure your assets are being appropriately managed. We conduct a thorough and ongoing review process to manage your accounts, evaluate contribution rates and investment allocations, process any required minimum distributions, update necessary information, and complete any asset movement requests such as account consolidations, withdrawals, and rollovers.

We coordinate regular reviews with you to keep you informed at all times of how your portfolio is performing and provide analysis behind recommendations for portfolio improvements.

*Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.