Jon Wax’s Must-See Q3 Outlook: How COVID-19 Will Impact Markets, the Election & You

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They say “Markets hate uncertainty,” but that applies to people as well. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, impacting virtually every aspect of our daily lives. And until we can stop the spread of the virus, the disruptions it has caused may continue for the foreseeable future.

Yet even during uncertain times like these, Waller & Wax is here to help. Although we cannot control the outbreak, we can offer advice on how to navigate the crisis with strategies designed to keep you financially healthy.

In today’s webcast, I will answer the most frequently asked questions of advisors, including:

* How will the market react to the upcoming presidential election?

* What’s the one “cardinal rule” investors should follow?

* Have we hit “the bottom” of the market yet?

* Is a recession coming?

* When will the economy get back to “normal”?

* With interest rates at an all-time low, should investors shift money to stocks?

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