Jon Wax’s COVID-19 Updates & Action Steps

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COVID-19 has disrupted our lives. Stressed our healthcare system. And unleashed global economic mayhem.

The virus has also caused outbreaks of fear, even panic: When will America return to “normal”? How long will it take for markets to recover? What should I be doing now – if anything?

Rest assured, your Waller & Wax team continues to monitor the situation and will alert you as events warrant. For now, please take a moment to watch my new webcast for the latest on…

*  The social and economic “costs” of the pandemic

*  Lessons – and warnings – from China’s recent reopening

*  Why restarting our economy too soon could prolong the recovery

*  Three (3) reasons to remain optimistic

*  Four (4) action steps that may help you mitigate the financial impact of the crisis