Five (5) Minute Market Volatility Update from Jon

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We entered August in the midst of an upswing for stocks that had provided consistent, broad gains since mid-June, but that momentum faded mid-August. We saw volatility increase in recent weeks after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell came out with an aggressive tone towards inflation which deflated the optimistic speculation. His blunter than usual statement may have added to volatility we saw at the end of the month, leading us to end the month with the mainline indices down.

This continued widespread talk of economic problems and negative outlook is still stoking concerns for most investors. While the worst of this bear market may be behind us, we expect setbacks and normal back-and-forth trading ahead, as investors gain more clarity on the path of inflation within the Fed’s tightening program.

Jon recorded a five (5) minute webcast to share some thoughts about interpreting the situation and navigating the latest volatility.

Please take 5 minutes to view the webcast, then let us know if you have any questions or wish to discuss this further on a phone call. We know that volatility can be unnerving but sticking to a financial plan has historically worked in favor of long-term investors, which is why we remain focused on helping you make progress toward your future goals. Thank you for your continued trust in us.