Featured News and Special Webcast: Jon Wax Discusses the Coronavirus, The Markets & You

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Coronavirus isn’t the first viral outbreak we’ve experienced – and it won’t be the last.

Since 1981, there have been 12 major viral outbreaks, from HIV/AIDS and SARS to Ebola and Zika*. Each time, global markets have responded to the uncertainty with what feels like dramatic declines in stock performance. When that happens, investors can reflexively react in ways driven more by short-term fear than long-term portfolio discipline.

Outbreaks are nothing new and rash moves are rarely prudent, but I certainly understand how 24-hour news coverage can be unsettling. So, please take a few moments to watch this three-minute video update that covers:

* What “fear” trades are – and why they are not based on economic fundamentals

* How markets have reacted to – and recovered from – past outbreaks

* Why history shows that these periods can provide buying opportunities

* My top recommendations for you at this point

* Why exercising patience may be the best “move” you can make


*Source: First Trust (Epidemics and Stock Market Performance), Bloomberg, as of 2/24/20.